Purpose: Prepare students for TOEFL, or upgrade a learner’s English level that needs a more advanced course.

Structure: This course includes one comprehensive level. Our assessment will show if an applicant can start the course, or they need prerequisites and start from our ESL program.

Content: This course includes advanced listening, reading, writing, and speaking for TOEFL and more advanced level of English. It also includes a vocabulary component as well as a review of advanced grammar rules.

Duration: Each TOEFL course takes 10 weeks to finish for part-time students, and 5 weeks for full-time learners.

Frequency: The classes meet twice a week for part-time students. For full-time students, it is 4 times a week.

Days: For part-time students, the classes meet on Monday-Thursday, or Tuesday-Friday, or Wednesday-Saturday. For full time students, it is Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday.

Tuition fee: $720, tax included.

Private or small group classes are also available based on your needs and requests.