IELTS Preparation (Academic & General)


Prepare students for IELTS Academic or General, or upgrade a learner’s English level that needs a more advanced course.


This course includes one comprehensive level. Our assessment will show if an applicant can start the course, or they need prerequisites and start from our ESL program.


This course includes advanced listening, reading, writing, and speaking for IELTS and more advanced level of English. It also includes a vocabulary component as well as a review of advanced grammar rules.


Each IELTS course takes 10 weeks to finish for part-time students, and 5 weeks for full-time learners.


The classes meet twice a week for part-time students. For full-time students, it is 4 times a week.


For part-time students, the classes meet on Monday-Thursday, or Tuesday-Friday, or Wednesday-Saturday. For full time students, it is Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday.

Tuition fee

$720, tax included.

Private or small group classes are also available based on your needs and requests.