ESL / Conversation


Prepare the learners for effective and efficient communication for life, education, and work in an English-speaking environment.


This program includes 12 levels, based on Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB 1-12). Our assessment test will show which CLB you should attend.


This program includes listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and common expressions such as idioms and slang words.


Each level takes 6 weeks to complete for part-time students. For full time students, it takes 3 weeks.


The classes meet twice a week for part-time students. For full-time students, it is 4 times a week.


For part-time students, the classes meet on Monday-Thursday, or Tuesday-Friday, or Wednesday-Saturday. For full time students, it is Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday.

Tuition fee

$240 per level, tax included

Private or small group classes are also available based on your needs and requests.