CELPIP (General and L S)


Listening & Speaking

This course is useful for:

  1. Canadian Citizenship 
  2.  Listening & Speaking


Depending on your Assessment Test and request, you will need one of the following packages:

  1. 6 sessions class+ 6 full tests (very intensive)
  2. 10 sessions class+ 10 full tests (intensive)
  3. 20 sessions class + 20 full tests (semi intensive) 

You may need to retake any of these packages. 


Part-Time: 2 times a week 

Full-Time: 4 times a week


Part-Time: Monday-Thursday / Tuesday-Friday / Wednesday-Saturday

Full Time: Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday.

Tuition Fee

1 skill: $480 (private)

Full Course: $1920 (private)

Full Course: $2200 (private / Real Estate & Residency)

30% off (shared classes)

Includes up to 20 full mock tests

Private or small group classes are also available based on your needs and requests.