Dear Healthcare Providers,

You help people regain  life and health, so you deserve some help with your language. Watch the following videos. If you understand them well, try to use the sentences that you hear while treating your patients. If you do not understand them well, try to attend general English classes.  We can help you with that. One good strategy is write down what you hear and ask someone to help you understand the words or sentences that you do not catch or know.  Remember to check back for new videos. Please use your own discretion regarding the authenticity of the content. 

Good luck!

  1. Asking about symptoms (A video)
  2. Past Medical History (A video)
  3. English for Medicine (A link)
  4. Introducing yourself to your patients (A video)
  5. A Medical Examination + pronunciation practice (A video) Posted Feb. 17, 2018
  6. 6. Explaining Pressure Area Care (A video) Posted March 1, 2018 Podcasts - English for Medicine - A Doctor's View

This page is a link to a site called English for Medicine. It contains several activities. Please click on the link above or copy the link below and paste it onto your browser.